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Monday, January 30, 2012

Just when you thought there wasn't a single good reason left to send a postcard to a friend rather than a text! On the 20th of this month, new stamps were released by the USPS featuring 5 species of raptor. The birds were rendered by Robert Giusti, who is no stranger to stamp design. Giusti's stamp design began in 1991 with Wood Duck and Cardinal stamps. Since then, there was a Blue Jay in 1995 and a Ring-necked Pheasant in 1998.

In Giusti's most recent work for the USPS, a Northern Goshawk, Peregrine Falcon, Golden Eagle, and Northern Harrier appear regal and perhaps a bit vicious. Incongruously, and by far my favorite portrait, the Osprey appears wide-eyed and ruffled, with the messy mohawk 'just got out of the shower' look they are very often seen sporting.

The stamps are a breath of fresh air, that air smelling distinctly of spring. I, from the Cold and Snowy Northland, have not seen a raptor since the snows came in November, except for a lost-looking and extremely fluffy Rough-legged Hawk that stayed for just over a week. Wisely, the bird had a look around and decided to continue looking elsewhere! But looking at these stamps, I am reminded that winter might be raging right now, but now is the season of lengthening days and solar radiation gaining in strength. There's still just enough of winter left to get those owl nest-boxes mounted high in the trees.

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